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Strategy & Direction

If you’ve got a strategy then you have a direction, but a strategy is only as successful as its implementation, daily operational efficiency and ongoing review. Work with KH InfoSec’s professional security consultants to help keep you on track.

Cyber Security Consultancy & Training
Our security consultants can perform a number of operational tasks that are invaluable to a business concerned about security.

How KH Infosec helps

We are able to:

  • Guide your team in the implementation of your cyber security strategy
  • Forecast the implication of potential security breaches
  • Benchmark existing security measures against industry standard best practice
  • Identify any weaknesses as your business grows and cyber security advances
  • Deliver risk intelligence and advice regarding mitigating action
  • Assist any recruitment requirements into your security and IT teams
  • Negotiate procurement of outsourced solutions and provide ongoing management of third parties
  • Respond to cyber attacks and data breaches


Protecting your business from cyber attacks is as much about anticipating human error as it is about installing first-class technical solutions. No matter how good your IT systems are, your business isn’t fully protected until your employees understand the potential threats, ramifications of them, and are trained and supported in avoiding scams.

KH InfoSec has extensive experience in testing staff awareness of cyber security and our experts can provide a full cyber education programme for your employees. After our training programme, your employees will be fully aware of the security risks that affect them. We’ll also ensure that your technical, operational and managerial staff have the skills to detect risks, avoid falling into a trap and respond appropriately for the protection of everyone.

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