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Cyber threats don’t stand still, they quickly develop to become more and more sophisticated, so your protection needs to keep pace.

It’s so easy to develop a cyber security policy and think ‘job done!’. Yet when you’re dealing with security it’s essential that this policy is a living, breathing document that is constantly tested for validity against today’s risk environment. Having a cyber security policy is not just about fulfilling regulatory responsibilities, but also ensuring you maximise your protection against constantly changing threats and your own growing business needs.

Policies are about developing a culture that guides employees to make good decisions when facing risk. One of your biggest defences against threats is preventative action, so it’s essential that employees are trained, aware and cooperative.

KH InfoSec delivers cyber policy design and review services to ensure your policies are responsive, relevant and supportive of business growth.

Cyber Policy

Putting your policy to the test

Let us test your information security policy to check it’s up to the job and you’ll benefit from a more robust policy that better protects your business.

Are the controls and measures you put in place consistent with industry best practices? Does your policy allow for business expansion. Does it consider the latest security threats? As part of the policy review, our experts will identify any issues that could lead to a security breach and develop an actionable plan to mitigate risks.

By reviewing your policy, our experts can check that you have everything in place to stay at least one step ahead of cyber criminals as well as ensuring regulatory compliance.

It’s sound policy design today for peace of mind tomorrow.

To find out more about our policy review services, contact us now.

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