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Savvy businesses will have thought through the implications of falling foul of a hacker and developed an Incident Response Plan (IRP). This allows you to act quickly and cover all your vulnerabilities to protect your network, business, data and customers.

What is an Incident Response Plan (IRP)?

In the event of a security threat or data breach, an IRP will provide you with a blueprint for how to handle the threat. It will ensure you have the appropriate resources and procedures in place to minimise the impact to your business, thereby protecting your reputation and revenue.

But this protection is only as good as the expertise used to define your IRP. Are you confident you have a robust plan that will deliver the best level of protection for you and your customers?

With over 20 years’ experience in global cyber security, KH InfoSec has seen it all and we know the value in organisations being prepared. By integrating this experience and knowledge of the latest cybersecurity threats, guidance from security standards such as NIST Cybersecurity Framework and CIS ControlsTM, along with an understanding of your business requirements, we can develop a detailed IRP to give you peace of mind.

What our plan includes

The IRP will include detailed sections on:

  • Identifying your incident response team and their roles and responsibilities
  • Detailing IT response protocols
  • Informing authorised personnel (e.g. senior leadership, legal counsel, insurers and regulators)
  • Stakeholder communication planning
  • Documenting all relevant information (e.g. technical diagrams and schematics and contact information for key personnel, including third parties)
  • Rolling reviews and testing of the IRP
Incident Response Plan

Why have an Incident Response Plan?

Not only does an IRP deliver a detailed plan of action to follow in the event of a threat, it also signals to regulators, customers and other stakeholders that you are proactively committed to protecting your company and data from cyber threats.

To find out more about how an IRP can reduce your risk, or to ask us to review your existing IRP, contact us today.

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